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Employer Account
Sign up for an employer account and have the ability to send your bartenders, waiters, waitresses, and servers through the ... [More]
Off-Premises Responsible ServingĀ® of Alcohol
The Off-Premises Responsible Serving® course teaches responsible alcohol selling techniques in customer service industrie... [More]

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South Dakota Bartender License | South Dakota Bartending License
South Dakota alcohol permit for sellers, server, and bartenders. Bartending license or permit in South Dakota to sell or serve alcohol or bartend... [More]

South Dakota Bartending License: Take Course Online
Get your license to be a bartender or get your permit to sell and serve alcohol in South Dakota. Bartender license course approved by the state... [More]

Certification in South Dakota
Get your permit to sell or serve alcohol in South Dakota. Online Certificatin or license for bartenders in South Dakota... [More]

SD Bartender License | Bartending License in South Dakota
South Dakota Bartender license for alcohol sellers, server, and bartenders. Get a SD bartender license fast and easy to sell or serve alcohol, or bartend in SD.... [More]

The Responsible Serving Employer account can be used to train your employees for Responsible Serving of alcohol at discounted... [More]
When you order the 50/50 Responsible Serving of Alcohol for Employers Package, you will receive 50 course tokens for Responsi... [More]
Online tobacco training provided by Rserving.com
Are you interested in getting your establishment certified with the Alabama Responsible Vendor program? We're approved to pro... [More]
For bar managers/owners, to get your license(s) certified in the Responsible Vendor Program, you will have to initially train... [More]
What does the Responible Serving Course teach me
The responsible serving course (also called "bartender license" course) teaches you how to serve alcohol responsibly. The Responsible Server course is required to serve alcohol in some states. ... [More]

What is Training for Responsible Serving of Alcohol?
Hanover Insurance Group has partnered with Rserving to create Hanover My Server Training and offer this benefit to our Hanover Policyholders whose employees serve or sell alcoholic beverages.... [More]

Nebraska Responsible Serving and Selling of Alcohol
Rserving's online training options for Nebraksa Responsible Selling and Serving of Alcohol, including courses for on- and off-premise employees and specific courses for Lincoln, NE servers and sellers.... [More]